My work offers an escape from reality.  Through large-scale sculpture and installation, I create fantasy growths, environments and encounters that overwhelm and create space.

It astounds me that most of our time is spent in and around boxes: in a chair, at a table, in a room within a building that rests on a plot of a block within the grid of a city.  This incessant realization drives my desire to infiltrate, appropriate and transform living spaces with naturally inspired environments.  I often use large quantities of a material, ideally a reusable or recycled one collected from my surroundings. This allows me to turn unwanted, industrial materials into organic forms and spaces.

My smaller works are often wearable and fantastical, which can reflect on the larger pieces as a reference to what kind of magical creature might inhabit that space.

Highlighting the often-overlooked intricate interactions of nature, my work is built to invoke curiosity of place through personal encounters with a relatively unknown world.